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A Guide to my Fanfiction [23 Oct 2020|05:02am]
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Rewatched the Big Block of Cheese episodes [12 Dec 2014|11:38pm]
Wow, I haven't posted in a while ...

Anyways, tonight, I rewatched the two Big Block of Cheese episodes and was reminded of who much I love The West Wing, despite all the times I may have shouted objections at the screen on any number of things.

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Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch [18 Jul 2014|09:30pm]
Spoilers, obviouslyCollapse )
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Skip Beat Fic Craving [18 Nov 2013|09:58pm]
I have been catching up with Skip Beat ([Spoiler (click to open)]Heel fakecest sexytimes ahoy) and rereading old Skip Beat fanfic, and now I have a craving for Ren/Kyoko/Moko threesome and/or OT3 fic, but of course it would be Ren/Kyoko and Kyoko/Moko, so maybe it would be more of an OTV? Either way, I feel like Skip Beat fandom is probably too small for me to ever get this ... :(
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An update, mostly revolving around books [15 Nov 2013|12:08am]
Wow, I haven't updated in ages ... I promise, I still read my flist religiously, I guess I'm just too lurker-y to actually comment most of the time, and don't have interesting enough things to say to post ...

However, that has changed! Recently I have read a lot, because I have had much time on my hands and also a library card for checking out physical books and sneakily TWO library cards for checking out ebooks.

Most of what I have read is a large quantity of mediocre-to-terrible romance novels. I started following Victoria Dahl on tumblr, and because she is interesting, I checked out everything she has at my local library. I was quickly reminded of the fact that I cannot abide contemporary romance novels. I like historical romance novels (and paranormal/fantasy romances, for much the same reason) because the romantic leads face obstacles to their romance that I have find believably insurmountable. Contemporary romance novels, on the other hand - generally speaking, most of the leads' problems would be solved if they just talked to each other and/or stopped making stupid decision, so I have less patience for them. Which is to say that I enjoyed Victoria Dahl's historical romances (though not as much as Courtney Milan's), but my library mostly only had her contemporaries, which were not my cup of tea.

I also completely caught up on Michelle Sagara West's Chronicles of Elantra series, and have determined that as usual, I OTP Kaylin/Severn, I despise Nightshade (if Kaylin ends up with Nightshade in a later book I may very well throw the book against the wall and never pick up the series again), and I am pleasantly surprised by the increasing numbers of female/female friendships and conversations. The books have the same flaws as they do in earlier books (I'm not a huge fan of the hyperbolic literalisms in the writing; I made up that term just now and am not certain that it's a real thing but basically I'm a bit tired of "Kaylin was afraid Sergeant Marcus would rip her throat out because he's a Leontine and Leontines often do that; no really"), but they also have the same strengths as they do in earlier books (I love Kaylin, I like Severn, and even if the plots never make any sense to me, they keep me on the edge of my seat and satisfy my id and that is all I ask of a book).

As a side note: I'm 99% sure that Kaylin is supposed to be a woman of color. I'm not good at picking up race cues from books, so I base this in large part on the fact that the woman on the cover of the Elantra books doesn't look white to me. I think there might also be textual evidence as well; I may look for this on a later reread.

And now, finally! An actual review!

I finished reading Tamora Pierce"s newest book, Battle Magic, today!Collapse )
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[13 Aug 2013|01:57am]
It's tragic when you read through your old WIPs and get really caught up and then suddenly it ends on a cliffhanger and you want to know what happens next but you didn't write any more.
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Reflections on patterns in my media consumption [30 Jul 2013|01:30am]
Cut for some tedious navel-gazing; Vague spoilers for various unnamed manga, plus more specific but still not very specific spoilers for TRCCollapse )
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Love Letter to Courtney's Milan's Duchess War [21 Jul 2013|11:57pm]
I know I haven"t posted in ages, but I really need to gush about this bookCollapse )
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Meta Thoughts on Ensign Sue [04 Feb 2013|02:17am]
Okay, so ... ages ago, when Ensign Sue Must Die first came out, I read and greatly enjoyed the comic, and had it recommended to me more than once. It was short, clever, and cute.

I recently learned that there is a sequel up called Ensign Two: Wrath of Sue. I read through what's up right now, and I gather that Kirk, Spock, the Doctor, and Sherlock travel through multiple dimensions and will (at some point?) capture different Mary Sues in different universe via Pokeballs.

While I understand that this set-up is to maximize the different universes and jokes the webcomic creators can use, I ... feel like there is an interesting (read: unfortunate) implication underlying the fact that the writers/artists are choosing to have four male characters travel through multiple universes to systematically eliminate all the female characters*, when it's likely that Mary Sues were originally written in fandoms like Star Trek precisely because there were so few female characters on the show -- writers wanted to add in more female characters that were like themselves.**

There's still a lot of potential for the webcomic creators to not fail on this front (especially since there are only 7 pages out, and they haven't even started on their dimension-hopping adventures yet), but ... yeah.***

*While Uhura showed up in Ensign Sue Must Die, neither she nor any other non-Sue female character has showed up in Ensign Two.

**Okay, I entirely made up this origin but it's plausible. If Mary Sues originated in Star Trek fandom (well, the term did, at least), Star Trek does tend to be characterized by a "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" vibe, and I can easily see how female fans wanted more people like themselves on the show, and so would write fanfics featuring author avatars -- because it was the closest they would get.

***It's really late at night, and I have to wake up early tomorrow, so "But ... yeah" is about as eloquent as I'm going to get.
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Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery [02 Feb 2013|01:36am]
So I have intermittently attempted to write "review" posts (more like love letters) where I gush about my favorite books of all time. It is impossible for me to talk about favorite books, however, without talking about one of my first favorite books: Anne of Green Gables.

My ChildhoodCollapse )
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Captain Vorpatril's Alliance [07 Dec 2012|08:45pm]
Finally checked it out from the library yesterday, finished reading it today, and now I have thoughts.

Cut for Spoilers, of courseCollapse )
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Thoughts about the S2 Premiere. Not exactly happy thoughts ... [02 Oct 2012|11:48pm]
Once Upon A Time SpoilersCollapse )
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theory in progress [05 May 2012|07:47pm]
So I think the difference between shipping an OTP and accepting a ship is that when you accept a ship, you are willing and maybe even interested in reading fanfic that features that ship (provided it is done well). When you ship an OTP, however, you are willing to read a fanfic with no real plot and no real purpose other than that OTP. (Compare to accepting a ship, where you willing to read plot-less fic of the ship, i.e. PWP, but your motivation is the porn rather than the ship.] Even if it's a short romantic drabble whose where the main character's names could be interchanged with almost any other from any other universe, shipping an OTP means you are excited just that there is fic of this ship. You will even sometimes read fanfic that is mediocre, as long as it provides you that rush from reading about your OTP.

(That's why it is possible to ship numerous OTPs -- because you're willing to read fanfic about all of them to satisfy your craving(s).)
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[22 Mar 2012|12:32am]
Some thoughts on my fic preferencesCollapse )
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Sometimes I wish I could control fandom with my brain and command it to produce the fanfic I want [19 Mar 2012|01:36am]
Dear Circle of Magic fandom

cut for possibly spoilery reference to upcoming Tamora Pierce books in case others do not have her Forthcoming Books list on her website memorized as I doCollapse )
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[05 Feb 2012|06:15pm]
So ...I follow just enough porn tumblrs that I can't check my dashboard in front of people in case of sudden NSFW content, but I forget that there is NSFW content because 90% of it is gifs from my tv shows or fanart of anime I am nostalgic about or awesome political tirades and then suddenly I remember why it is I should not be checking my tumbr in class, in the library, in front of my baby cousin.
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[31 Jan 2012|05:02pm]
One of the weirdest things about growing up is seeing that people around me have matured. For example, some of the kids who were whiny brats when I left for college have grown up and matured and now do things like take care of the littler kids and entertain them at Asian parties, and otherwise act like adults. People who I grew up with who I will always remember as That Annoying Kid Who XYZ seem to have made something of themselves and make thoughtful posts on FB or otherwise express behavior that indicates they've grown out of their juvenile behavior.
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OMFG SHERLOCK [02 Jan 2012|01:17am]
cut for spoilersCollapse )
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Just finished reading Tamora Pierce's Mastiff ... [26 Dec 2011|06:45pm]
Cut for spoilers for all Tortall books; also spoilers for Dawn Cook"s Decoy Princess/Princess at Sea duologyCollapse )

I also finished reading Terry Pratchett's Snuff recently. Loved it (I always love Vimes books, much like I always love Witches books) but it's not going to make my list of favorites, I don't think.
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[15 Dec 2011|01:53pm]

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